Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Social Media Marketing and Videos

We used to be a society that had to communicate person to person, whether
face to face, voice to voice, or letter to letter. Now because of the internet,
the way we communicate has evolved. We have e-mail, texting, websites,
FaceBook, Twitter, blogs, and more. This new social media is not only faster but
brings us in contact with more people than ever possible before.

Today, we can have friends, perhaps thousands of friends, that we have never
seen face to face. People are called our friends although we have never been in
the same room, or the same city, or the same state, or even the same country
with them. We can have friends who actually live around the corner or down the
street, but never met in person. But, although we have never shook their hands
or had a cup of coffee with them, we may have shared interests, discussed
likes and dislikes, wished each other happy birthday, talked about parenting,
marriage, business, sports, entertainment, art, and even politics and religion.
We share our glee and our sorrows with these “friends.” We are cheered up
and cheered on, give and take advise, and are even consoled and comforted by
these virtual friends of today’s social networks. It is a new way to communicate
for sure. And, it has become significant not just for friends, but communication
for business as well.

Social media is the umbrella term that covers the activities around web social
interaction and all its contents, videos, images and audio exposure.
Incorporating this new communication approach for business, Social media
marketing, on the Internet has become more and more key to achieving
branding and marketing goals by using social networks.

How can videos work with social media marketing? Videos are an optimal way to
reach a variety of business and marketing goals and social media is the optimal
way to get your videos seen. Videos are the perfect marketing tool because
they can be used in your office, trade shows, presentations, websites and more.
Videos incorporate a person to person feel and allow customers to see you
in your element and experience your company’s environment. Videos are an
exceptional way to showcase new products and services, educate customers
about each facet of your business, provide assurance of good customer service
and see testimonials from your customers.
Social networks are not only fast communication but mass communication. What
better way for your company to be seen by the masses than in a video. On
social communities like FaceBook, a simple discussion about hedge trimming
could lead to a share or link to your landscaping company video. An appearance
of your video by one customer can result in referrals by his friends etc. etc.
Videos are easily shared from page to page. A great way to get referrals from
people you don’t know.

It has always been said that the best advertisement is word of mouth. People
trust it more than paid ads. Social networks are the new word of mouth because
the referral does not come from the company but from a “friend.” The new
difference is each word of mouth referral on a social network site reaches many
people not just one. Videos play an important part in this most trusted word of
mouth approach because although the referral comes from a third party, videos
allow you to show your stuff.

Videos play an important part in direct social media marketing also. For example,
your company can have its own FaceBook page, Twitter account, YouTube
channel, or company blog. You can belong to a micro-community related to your
industry or a professional networking and resource community such as Linkedin.

With 750 million members a company page on the social network Facebook is
the best way to get your branding out front and connect with customers and
prospective customers. FaceBook allows multiple pages with photos, videos and
comments for instant customer feedback. Videos on your page attract attention
and encourage sharing. As your “likes” increase so will your business exposure
and website traffic.

Setting up a blog on a business website has been proven to be an important
resource people now look to for information on products and services. Blogs
generate traffic from search engines and linking to other blogs result in return
links to your blog. Videos regarding company history, product info, “how to”
tips, community projects your company is involved in, and just fun stuff will
generate links, referrals and sales.

Having a Twitter account for your business allows communication with your
customers in real time like FaceBook but on a smaller scale. Twitter’s word of
mouth is fast and far reaching. A Tweeted recommendation for your company
can have immediate benefits. A tweeted link to your video can move through
social media with lightning speed.

Videos reign on YouTube! A well crafted, appealing video production can
have an astounding impact for your brand and traffic. You can have your own
channel with multiple videos so customers can become knowledgeable about
each service you offer. If you have a law firm, there could be a video on wills
and estates, taxes, divorce, real estate, corporate law, and criminal defense.
All together on your own video channel. Video sharing with other social media
like FaceBook and blogs is too easy on YouTube. So your company video could
spread across Facebook, link to Twitter, and multiple blogs and beyond and it’s
all free.

Social media is accessible to anyone with Internet access. Social media
marketing is an inexpensive and yet far reaching and effective way to promote
and interact with thousands of people or target a small demographic. FaceBook,
YouTube, Twitter, blogs and many more all allow easy linkage from you to them
and between each other. This interaction creates a loyal connection between
product and customer. A video on YouTube can generate a Tweet on Twitter
that can also be posted as a status update on FaceBook to posts on blogs. Now
your company’s message has reached thousands of customers and prospective
customers all over the world.
This kind of promotion is priceless! If your message is going global a well
produced video can make sure it has the content, pizzazz, and look your
company wants the world to see. Your company presentation on social networks
can bring in the leads, generate referrals, and showcase your brand.
Good videos result in “Likes”, links and Tweets. “Likes” links and Tweets result
in sales.

Here's a client that wanted to do some videos for the internet to show the passion they have about what they do!  To do this on TV would cost a fortune. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

HDLTV for medical practices - DentistryIQ

HDLTV for medical practices - DentistryIQ

Dentists, There ia Product That Can Educate Patients, Create an Online Presence, Train Employees and Create an Extra Stream of Income.

WorldLink has created a brand new service called High Definition Lobby Television that can accomplish all of these things for dentists. High Definition Lobby Television (HDLTV) educates, engages and entertains patients while they are waiting for their appointment.  HDLTV customized for your dental practice is designed to shape and distinguish your brand and features you and staff in the videos that play in your lobby or waiting area.  Directed tastefully by our creative and experienced WorldLink video production staff, the one or two hour loop is not a dull infomercial type sales pitch, but relative information regarding their oral health and your products and services, presented personally by you.  Multiple case studies have proven that educating your patients does build customer loyalty.

Studies have also shown and that real time marketing is extremely effective and holds the customer's attention.  There will never be a boring continuous loop because included in your HDLTV network presentations are elements of engagement such as live video feeds of news, weather, sports and entertainment. These are presented in a branded interface with your logo, so patients and customers feel that they never leave your network. 
HDLTV is not just effective in your lobby.

HDLTV capabilities includes:

1. In Your Lobby - HDLTV is played in your lobby educating and engaging patients and customers on your products and services. It is customized with you and your staff delivering information and real time marketing on your products and services.

2. On line marketing – We also provide you with a promotional video that introduces your company and your products and services. This video can be used for your website, social media marketing, YouTube, bumper videos, online streaming, press releases, and etc. This gives you the ability to increase website traffic, search engine optimization, and exposure to potential patients and customers.

3. Income opportunities – HDLTV is totally customizable allowing you to offer your vendors and suppliers an opportunity to advertise on your network, adding another profit making ability for you.

4. Training opportunities for companies with multiple locations - It can often be difficult and expensive in time and money to train many employee at many locations at once. With HDLTV, a programmed training video can be played simultaneously anywhere from 2 - 2000 locations and every employee can receive the message at the same time.

HDLTV received a very positive response at the Texas Dental Association meeting this year.  See what dentist and other companies in the dentistry industry are saying about this awesome product.

For more information call WorldLink Services today.  281-968-VIDS (8437)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

WorldLink introduces HDLTV at the TDA 2012 meeting.

WorldLink introduces HDLTV at the TDA 2012 meeting.

WorldLink Services introduces high definition lobby television at the 2012 Texas Dental Association meeting in San Antonio.  Dentist are very excited about this new product, and all of its benefits.  
HDLTV is designed to:
  • Educate customers on your products & services
  • Customize or create industry videos, starring you, at your location
  • Use video on your website to engage and improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Promote your videos through multiple media outlets to gain Maximum exposure
  • Integrate technology and video into your core business
  • Increase customer responsiveness
  • Improve service and product profitability per customer
  • Shape your brand, service and product perception
  • Create an internet presence, improve web traffic and reach the right customer
  • Effectively communicate to your target audience 
Watch this video and see their response.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Website Videos

                      Advantages of Video on Your Website

We all are aware that Internet marketing is big in today’s business world and in every industry.
From websites being used as an online brochure to social media connecting people all over the world to just the plain old Internet used by salesmen  to generate leads, the Internet has became a vital part of business promotion and sales. The Internet has and continues to grow rapidly.  It has determined not only how customers search for businesses but how we make purchases as well.  A portion of business advertising budgets are certainly allocated to Internet marketing. 

One of the biggest expenses when it comes to internet marketing is search engine optimization.  It is the most expensive part of internet advertising because most people don’t understand it.  This monthly expense can add up to thousands of dollars just to get seen on search engines like Google, Yahoo and AOL.  When a customer looks up for example, venetian blinds, and gets 3,470,000 responses, it is overwhelming.  Where is your company website in all that? 
We are certainly not knocking search engine optimization from an exposure standpoint because it is needed.  However, even with great search engine exposure, or for those who go directly to your site, or for customers who may stumble upon your website, there are so many other sites available to visit it is still overwhelming.  You need an advantage.   You need an advantage to optimize your search engine exposure, then to engage, captivate and communicate clearly with potential clients once they are on your website. 
That’s where video comes in. 

Having a video on your business website is 50% more likely to appear on Google’s first page results.  Video and search engine optimization work hand in hand as a very powerful combination.

You may have spent hours writing great content for your website but only a small percentage of visitors will read every word.  Most people skim the content to find what they are looking for and if they don’t see it immediately, back to Google they go.
That’s why once they are on your site you need that advantage to keep them there longer.

Research has shown 55% of people that visit your website will stay on your site more than double the time if you have a video.  Videos are the optimal way to assure that your potential clients are receiving the full intended message.  Having a library of videos on your site is even more powerful because if you have a multitude of products or services and there is a video for each, the potential customer can easily find the product they are looking for.  
Videos allow you to talk to specific demographics and explain the advantages and benefits directed specifically to them.   Because most people have such short attention spans these days, research also shows the most watched videos are 1 ½ minutes long or less.   So, an effective script writer and teleprompter is priceless.  
Research shows one of the biggest influences you can have on a potential customers is a professionally done testimonial video on your website.  31% of people that visit your site will purchase your product or service if you have a testimonial video.  These testimonial videos must be real and authentic.  Testimonials build trust in your product or service and if done correctly should relate to what the customer is looking for and to situations where your products and services are needed. 

Videos also educate your customers about each aspect of your business.  They get a realistic feel about your customer service, staff, each department, each product and or service.  They will be privy to seeing your office before they go to your office and see your operations in action, up close and personal.  They will feel more comfortable, knowledgeable and familiar with your company.

Finally, here are the stats: 68% of the top internet retailers use video on their website.  30% of people visit your physical store, 24% make a purchase as a result of watching the video.  Video on you website will produce 20% more inbound calls. 29% of video viewers request more information about your product or service.
You need that advantage.